Diets Don't Work!

Diets Don't Work!
Was your New Years Resolution to lose weight in 2023? And every year before that?
Can I let you in on a secret? If you've tried it before and it didn't work, what makes you think it will work this time? 
We lost 11 sizes together over a 1.5 year period and it wasn't planned. No special foods, no counting or weighing anything, no exercise, coaches or gym memberships. I believe Ningxia Red was the catalyst to helping us not crave sugar but it grew from there.
There is a better way. A sustainable way. Changing bad habits overtime, for life. 
It's all about the DAILY little things. Quit spending your money on all these little quick fix, one hit wonder miracle cures for weight loss. 
How long can you sustain that?
If it's that 11, 30 or 90 day jumpstart you need then fabulous. But what happens on day 12, 31 or 91? 
Most people fall back to their comfort zone because of little habits they didn't know how to change and WHY! 
I will teach you the easiest, simple and quickest things that with time, you will change. These will be so small you won't even believe it. 
I didn't even have the mindset back then but now I'll add this to some new action steps you can take and confident you will feel something completely different than the "I can't, I'm on a diet" statement.
It's knowing what to buy and why. I will show you some basic label reading secrets on what to eat and what not to eat. 
I'm hosting a LIVE class in my Diets Don't Work FB group Thursday, March 9th 7:30PM CST. The class is $10.00 that will include private access to the growing group where you can watch the 1 hour workshop along with access to a guide of all the tips/tricks/foods to avoid/foods to buy. It will include resources that will make it easy for you to finally kick the DIETING habit and live a healthier and sustainable lifestyle. 

Romance help for the special day coming up!

Are you looking for some "in-between the sheets" support? Lets talk WHY things may not be working like they should. Is it emotions or hormones or maybe your just too tired. Lets have some fun and  get over your badass self! Enjoy the tips and tricks!!

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Got that kit? Now what??

Got that kit? Now what??

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Have you opened that kit yet?? We are SO excited for you. There are at least 150 uses for everything in that box. This is just a fraction of what they do. Stick with us and we will show you how to get the biggest bang for your buck!!
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Speed Oiling Class- Sleep, Stress, Energy & Weight

Kick back and relax and find ONE thing you want to work on. Use something new for 90 days and see how you feel. Consistency always wins no matter what you do. What are you waiting for? It's never too late to change the way you feel. Life is short and I'm here to maybe make tomorrow just a little bit better for you.
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Different FUN ways to diffuse your oils!

Different FUN ways to diffuse your oils!
Who knew? So many ways to get the full benefits of these oils. Some may thinks it's a little quirky but our sense of smell reacts in seconds when we breath it in.  A whiff of this and a whiff of that can change your mood considerably. How will you know unless you try it? I was skeptical for so long until I let go then all hell broke loose. I've never looked back.
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