Zyto Scan Class! Maple Grove
Been curious about this? 

I have room for only 8 people. 15 minute sessions. 
Swing in and have 172 of your Bio-Markers read! It scans your body systems such as digestive, cardiovascular, hormones, emotions and more. This is a class 2 medical device that some practitioners are using. I have scanned over 400 people and it's pretty fascinating. It's like a lie detector test but instead of me asking you questions about your health, your body will respond virtually to them when your hand sits on this cradle. I know....sounds weird right? Thought the same thing. This is not to treat, diagnose or prescribe anything because I'm not a doctor. You get a 22 page report emailed to you and can see maybe an area that you need to work on when it comes to your health. This includes a follow up call as well. 

Register Here: 

Town Green Park
7991 Main St
Maple Grove, MN 55369
For more information please email me at Stacy@stacytiegs.com