Thursday, September 20th 6-7:30pm

605 Hwy 55 E
Crossroads- Suite 100
Buffalo, MN  55313 

Emotional rollercoaster?
Hormonally imbalanced? Are you ready for this?
We are combing a romance class with MASSAGE ....yes, thats right. A professional Massage therapist will show you simple techniques you can do with your partner for relaxation. This will be an intimate setting for 25 people only. The Lucy Libido Book AND massage roll-on included. You will love Samantha Tiegs. We will need a few volunteers for Sam to do this demonstration. 
We've all been there ladies..."Not tonight dear...I have a headache" Have you L O S T that loving feeling? Or maybe it's not you....maybe your partner needs a firmer handshake. Whatever the case may be...this will be a class for everyone!
We will be straight up and won't beat around the bush in this class. Prepare for FUN and wine is included of course! 
Grab your ticket by clicking the link!
See you soon!