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 Stacy is a seeker of adventure and fun in everything she does and loves life. She is an author and a  married mom of 3 grown children. She loves spending time with her family, 5 grandchildren & friends. She loves guiding those who suffer with negative thoughts, anxiety or other mental health issues.  She's wildly passionate about healthy eating and taking naps is not her thing, for fear she may miss something. Reading is a passion and loves teaching what she learns! She was unhealthy for a long time and knows what it is like to make the necessary little life changes to get well.
She has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years. She used to own a retail store & felt the stress of a brick and mortar business. It was a huge initial investment. Paying rent, paying wages, purchasing product to resell and being tied to the store the hours it was open was all part of making the business run. Then she learned about residual income and network marketing that changed her life.
Her direction...her passion…her desire is to show people the difference between punching a clock and creating residual income by helping people obtain optimal health and happiness. There are no prerequisites. She has found what she loves and will move mountains to learn, grow and help others who desire change to do the same.

When she started self educating herself was when her life took a drastic turn. 
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